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Quinta da Seixeda has nineteen double rooms with private bathroom, central heating, air-conditioned, TV and a spacious balcony over the vineyard.

Being well connected to the region here it stands the Quinta da Seixeda has given the name of the nineteen villages of the area to each one of its rooms. The intention is to present a little more information about all the beautiful places to see and experience, inciting our client to go out and visit them all.

 Meals and Events

 The Quinta da Seixeda has two rooms where our clients can have their meals. One, where the breakfast is served every day, and another that is usually used for weddings and other social events up to 250 people.

The breakfast buffet presents a variety of home made products such as croissants, pastry, jams, marmalade, honey and fruit.

Other meals are served, by request, and our client can choose from a large variety of regional or home special dishes.


Outside there is a children’s playground, a large terrace and a swimming-pool.

Around the hotel, there are lot’s of places where our clients can park their cars for free.