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The Douro Valley is considered one of the main resources of thr Northern part of Portugal, because of its touristic potential.

The historical heritage of this area is very rich and allows the tourist to enjoy the pleasures of country life, but also to see and visit several monuments. Also it’s a region wordly knowm for its magnificent wines.

Alijó is a small town in the heart of the Douro Region. It’s surrounded by other eighteen villages and occupies a 300 km2 area. The nearest cities are Vila Real, Peso da Régua and Mirandela.

In Alijó tourists can visit countless churches and chapels, pre-historical traces and appreciate breath taking landscape from the highest points of the mountains and over the Douro River.

If you’re looking for a different experience, come and visit the Douro. You’ll meet friendly people, taste the best food and wines, and leave with a big desire to come back again.