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Quinta da Seixeda is located in Alijó which is part of Alto Douro Vinhateiro, Human’s Heritage.

It’s implemented on a piece of land, which was, once upon a time, exclusively for agricultural purposes. On those days, Quinta da Seixeda belonged to an illustrious Alijós’ family and was also known as Quinta D. Maria, Quinta do Bairro and Quinta do Pombal, since it gathered several parts of land cultivated with vineyards. Wine production of the farm was, back then, highly significant and it even had a registered label and trade for it.

Nowadays, on the physical space of the farm it exists a touristic hotel which took for itself the farm’s name: Quinta da Seixeda.

The building, with it’s curve design, wants a natural integration with the surrounding space, keeping the beauty of a wide vineyard and of natural green zones.





The Hotel